Life sciences location with a long history

The Basel region has earned its reputation as a leading business location worldwide, with over 10 globally active corporations based here. The region owes its attractiveness in part to its unique position on the Rhine where Germany, France, and Switzerland meet, granting it access to transport routes and the high seas. That said, Basel has always drawn its success as a region from its rich heritage as a trade hub and science and research hot spot. Furthermore, the city boasts a broad and multifarious offer in terms of cultural treasures, from world-renowned museums, theaters, and architecture to a soccer team now famed throughout Europe.

The variegated Life Sciences Cluster looks back on a long history: Innovations evolve over the centuries. The qualities of the Life Sciences Cluster Basel lay in its short distances and in the fact that it offers complete value chains on-site.

The following visualisation gives you an overview of the Life Sciences Cluster Basel, its history, the companies, institutions and universities involved in research, development, production and commercialisation and ther connection between each other.


Variegated Life Sciences Cluster:
From Pharma and Biotech to Medtech - everything is available.

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Life Sciences Innovations over the centuries:
The Cluster develops in a sustainable way. New companies evolve from universities or other companies, companies from abroad settle on-site.

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Short distances: complete value chain on-site. Where companies and universities are located.

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In the middle of Europe

The Basel region is interconnected with Germany, France, and Switzerland. This tri-border area is traversed by the main European rail and road transit routes, both from North to South and from East to West. With the Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport just 15 minutes from the Basel city center, 90 destinations across the globe are at your fingertips.


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A business environment
 that favors growth

The Basel region openly showcases dynamics and innovation made in Switzerland. Global market leaders and an array of research institutes are intricately intertwined to form Europe’s number one life sciences cluster. The region boasts signature qualities that are conducive to growth, including liberal labor laws, attractive tax rates, efficient administration, and political stability.

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Spaces hosting a myriad of activities

The real estate market in the greater Basel area is amongst the three largest in Switzerland and is considered to be extraordinarily stable. Unlike to many other economic hubs, the region features an extensive range of business spaces for reasonable prices. This includes not only office, commercial, and laboratory spaces, but also storage and production areas, or properties for constructing new facilities.
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