Facts & Figures


Figures sometimes say more than a thousand words. They illustrate the Basel region’s outstanding role as the most prominent life sciences cluster across the nation. Nearly two thirds of all employees in the Swiss life sciences sector are based in this city. And the outlook is brighter still: Experts expect strong growth in the coming years.


Expenditures for R&D (in terms of national GDP) (2015)
1st place worldwide
3.3 percent
Number of pharma patents per 100tsd inhabitants (2015)
2nd place worldwide
Nominal hourly productivity, in USD (2017)
1st place worldwide
Number of jobs in the life sciences sector (2017)
3rd place in Europe, 1st place in Switzerland
Number of life sciences companies (2017) approx. 700


Our conception of life sciences

For us, life sciences denotes more than just basic biological and medical research – it covers the full bandwidth of biomedically oriented sectors. The Basel Life Sciences Cluster thus encompasses university research, but also all companies that conduct research and development in this area and market their products. Such industries include pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, medical technology, agricultural chemistry, nanotechnology, and cosmetics.


Diversity and strengths of the Basel area:

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