Life Sciences Strategy

As an economic hub, the Basel region can only benefit from systematical expansion of the life sciences industry’s already extraordinary potential for creating added value. Basic influential factors must consistently be questioned anew and re-optimized – all the more so given the steady, ongoing rise in global competition in the life sciences industry, replete with added value potential.


This forms the basis for collaboration between the Basel Chamber of Commerce and its initiative partners in regularly conceiving new joint life sciences strategies (previous versions: 2005, 2008, and 2011). The key points of each strategy are laid out in an input paper by the Life Sciences Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, whilst the strategy platform is discussed at Bad Schauenburg (Bad Schauenburg Conference) with experts from politics, administration, academia, health care, and business in order to agree on a common line of approach for the life sciences region of Basel, involving goal-setting and the definition of required fields of action. Conference results are subsequently incorporated into an action plan, which, in conjunction with set goals, forms the Life Sciences Strategy. Any given strategy remains applicable until it is revised and replaced at the following Bad Schauenburg Conference with a new, farther-reaching strategy. Each strategy period generally lasts 3 years.


The current Life Sciences Strategy for 2014-2017 pursues the following main objectives:

  • The Basel region is a global leader in the life sciences sector.
  • Appealing and competitive, the life sciences industry of the Basel region demonstrates great innovative force and invests locally.
  • The Basel region features top players in the life sciences value-added chain (universities, research institutes, company headquarters, research and development, production, hospitals, relevant service providers and suppliers).
  • As a life sciences region, Basel exudes a strong and confident aura of expert leadership, both throughout Switzerland and on the global stage.

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